....a solution for
bringing remote
teams together.

Mobile solutions currently using Android mobile devices

Apple mobile under development

We save you money by...

  • Using Mobile data connection you only pay for the bits of information you send.
  • Reduces your mobiles bills by avoiding long and expensice calls.
  • Ensures that the information is correct
  • Lets you know where your sales force is.
  • Allows monitored communication between you team and your customers.

Flexicall is a new generation customer service and sales management program, based on your Personal Organiser. You can keep track of your customer, every support call they make, every order they place,
-every enquiry you make either direct back to your central office - or to any of your colleagues.

Flexicall means instant customer information, and lower management costs. You keep your customers because you give them better service. And you are always in touch. So you always know who has responsibility for each call, each action, each new sale.

Why? Because Flexicall is based on Android Mobile Devices with and Apple IOS version under development. And you can choose whether or not to have our Back Office PC Windows client/server application - or just run from the mobile phone, using 3g networks. So, a typical, complete Customer Service solution for a small Company or Large Department.

Flexicall is ideal for; Mobile Sales Teams; Teleworking Customer Service; Doctors and Health Personnel; Technical Service Engineers; Fire and Safety Tracking; Security Personnel. Financial Services.

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