Flexicall can work for you in a number of ways within this many different sectors.

How does it work?
It allows any one device in the system to post a message or customer details, this is them passed to all other devices on the system, these can be a mixture of mobile or a PC. These messages are then passed to all other devices replicating the information. This gives each device a list of calls allowing all to see all to see the progress or to take outstanding calls. Once you select the call, all other devices are notified and the status changed from Unallocated to open. When the call is completed then it is closed.

What does it do?
The client software supports upto 5 databases that can be linked together for example a job, with materials or asset location and assets

Each record can support upto different status, each one shown by colour.

Simple Messages.
This allows messages to be sent, stored and replyed to with other devices in the network.

Flexicall Server.
Flexicall can work by sending messages directly to another device and not use the server, but this is limited a few devices. The server allows you to minimise traffic and cost by only sending messages to the appropriate devices or all devices if required, it also acts as a central database to be provide a backup of all information. It also allows integration with text messages and email to deliver messages direct to your customers and route responses back to the original device, whilst using a single email address e.g Support@flexicall.co.uk

FlexiCall has already found it place ....

  Asset Management.
Providing a list of locations that can either be seatched by reference or by using our picture search facilitiy, it can then list the assets by that location allowing you to update or add more information. Even take a picture of the asset.

Providing a remote security guard with a list of calls to do that evening, reporting each visit as it is completed at a cost of less than a penny a minute. As well as list of contact details should that information be needed.


Sales Forces
With companies having their sales forces spread far and wide, the soluton here is to provide a working list for each area where leads can be fed directly from a website, other reps visiting different areas or from the main office. The subsiquent sales or visit information are fed back instantly. The messaging system allows for messages relating to sales targets, or product updates.


Service Engineers.
Providing and updating call lists allowing an engineer to notify control when a call is complete, and to request the next call. Priority calls are alwaysmoved to the top of the list. This also allows performance report to be competed. The system is also allows for charges or parts information to be recorded.



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